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VITA PROJECTS’ strong suit lies within the management of all departments.

We provide professional planning and design down to the finest detail, NHBRC and SANS 10400 competency, supported by the technical requirements of the engineers, project management and on-site supervision. Day-to-day financial and administrative processing, legal assistance from our attorneys, and many more assurances are all guaranteed with Vita Projects.

Once the finishing starts, our highly experienced associates in interior design will assist you in obtaining the optimal decor for your luxury development.

A home or workspace shouldn’t be a space where you merely exist, it should be a place in which you find growth…growth of family, growth of ideas, growth of memories and ultimately growth of the dreams you have in your heart. VITA PROJECTS can help realise this with our hands-on method.


The Occupancy Certificate is a document that is issued by the Building Control sub-directorate in accordance with the National Building Regulations to certify that a building has been completed in accordance with the approved building plan and all other relevant City Council requirements.

VITA PROJECTS can arrange with the Chief Building Inspector (for your area) to issue an Occupancy Certificate once:
1. Your building work is complete
2. A final inspection has been conducted by the Building Inspector
3. All other Council requirements have, to the best of your knowledge, been complied with. Now you can relax and see how your dream is turned into reality.


VITA PROJECTS will ensure that your development saves cost and is hassle-free with our fixed management fee. We can guarantee this by:

  • Cutting out the main contractor that traditionally works on a set percentage profit margin
  • Ensuring strict control over variable orders at no additional project management fee
  • Sourcing and ensuring stringent quality control of materials used
  • Daily site visits, inspections and monthly reporting
  • Guaranteed project timeline
  • Eliminating contractor cash flow risk by allowing the client to make direct monthly payments for sub-contractor fees and material costs


Our passion for development is supported by our multi-structured experience and expertise. Commercial, collective, and individual development is something very close to our hearts.

We don’t just construct buildings for people – we create businesses, homes and communities in which people build memories. VITA PROJECTS is the best option for time and money spent on your dream. We take the headache and sleepless nights out of construction.

We will connect our clients with the best professionals to meet their requirements. From design to key handover, your project is in responsible hands. Quality comes naturally, whilst your budget remains adhered to from start to finish. We will assist you in making your dream a reality.


VITA PROJECTS assists in the painful, yet required, Plan Submissions and Compliance.

Municipalities and the process are strenuous and time-consuming experiences. We have established stable and healthy relationships with personnel within the various councils. Our project director will acquire all information needed by councils on a regular basis and fully understand the specific procedures and requirements.

VITA PROJECTS assists our clients in getting plans through the system as fast as possible and ensures the legalities of all the trades. Due to a single plan having to go through multiple departments for the “approval stamp”, it becomes a mission to get a plan approved within an acceptable time span for anybody that doesn’t specialise, or understand the plan-submission and compliance process.